Friday, May 11, 2012

Time Pieces: Preview

If you're like us, we ALWAYS get excited when we get things in the mail and it's even better when things arrive in giant crates! Mass transit shippers were kind enough to deliver Suzi Davidoff & Rachelle Thiewes' photographs for their Common Landscape portion of the Time Pieces exhibition, opening May 26th (6-8pm). Here's a little preview of Time Pieces: Wendover Landing, Common Landscape & Friends of the Orphan Signs, see the press release here. 

Artists include: Suzi Davidoff and Rachelle Thiewes, Alisa Dworsky, Christy Hengst, Miriam Sagan,  Pete Yahnke Railand, Lindsey Fromm, Jessamyn Lovell, Aline Hunziker, Bethany Delahunt and Ellen Babcock. More to come...

Soledad by Miriam Sagan
Alisa Dworsky's epic Wendover Landing to be installed in the front gallery floor to ceiling. (ps this image is totally Photoshopped)
Christy Hengst's porcelain Messenger Pigeons
Landing of Time and Place
Suzi Davidoff and Rachelle Thiewes,  Langsjo Woods 9.3
Suzi Davidoff and Rachelle Thiewes, White Sands 12.13

4119 Central NE, public art installation by Friends of the Orphan Signs
Soledad fresh out the box
Unpacked Common Landscape prints on aluminum

Grunge. Look carefully, see the difference? Nice work, Rhiannon! 
Aline Hunziker's work for the Friends of the Orphan Signs exhibition in the upstairs gallery.
LOTS of painting to do...

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