Friday, October 5, 2012

ISEA2012 Recap

Now that the dust has settled from the absolutely EPIC week-long conference, things are starting to return to normal (only after catching up on some serious zzz's). The buzz surrounding ISEA was truly inspiring and it's very  rewarding to see the things the arts community can accomplish when collective minds come together. We look forward to catching up with all the ISEA2012 partners to see how their projects went.

Did you attend any conference events/openings/the Downtown Block Party? We'd love to have you share your experiences or thoughts, just leave a comment!

Stay tuned for more ISEA related events/activities/highlights to come!

Artist Anais met den Ancxt and Mind Research Network programmer, Will Courtney discuss  Domestic Plant.

Christiaan Zwanikken's The Good, The Bad and The Ugly pre-operational brilliance
The set-up...

Neil Mendoza & Anthony Goh's piece Escape.
Opening day mayhem! Yulia Pinkusevich's Polyscape.
Domestic Plant exploring the gallery
The leash
Krista Cabellero's All Appears Orange. Umbrella made from surveying flags.
Eva Andrée Laramée & Tom Jennings' piece Invisible Landscape (detail)
Real geiger counter from Invisible Landscape installation measuring the alpha particles from the radioactive rock.
Opening night crowd. By far the biggest attendance ever, we're talking like 1,200+
Mr. ABQSprout, Aryon Hopkins
Artist Alyce Santoro and family.
The Gambiocycle in all it's glory!
Revolights bike spinning away. Thanks to Fixed & Free for lending us the bike!
Artist Krista Cabellero

Brilliant light-boxes from Stephen Hilyard
Matthew Hebert's window candy, Vehicle #1: Petri Table 
Kwende Kefentse aka DJ Memetic doin' his thing at the Downtown Block Party.  He also presented at the Hip Hop & Technology with Tahir Hemphill, which by the way was AMAZING! We'll hopefully have video/audio up soon. 
Hip Hop University: From left, Hakim Bellamy, Tahir Hemphill, Kwende Kefentse

Junk in tha trunk
Underage driver

Symphony 505 crowd 
Harrod Blank's Camera van 
James Black hookin up the free screen printing 
ISEA info desk, informing the babies too!

Art making with a weed whacker

Contraptions built by Taos Academy students

Robert Drummond's fantastic District at Richard Levy Gallery

The main exhibition (housed at The Albuquerque Museum of Art and History & 516 ARTS) is on view through January 6, 2013, with select events planned through the remainder of Fall of 2012. Take a look at the program guide for more info.


  1. Michael Shippling installation at Axle Contemporary at the downtown block party. Photos here:


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