Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Openings: Borders & Boundaries at the Harwood Art Center

Yet another great offering from the Harwood Art Center, who just opened (Friday, October 7th) their 3rd annual exhibition exploring contemporary social issues. Borders & Boundaries touches on issues of identity, place and politics through the work of fifteen artists from across the country.  

Participating artists include:

Maude Andrade (NM), George Bedell (MD), Celine Browning (MA), Al Denyer (UT), Ellie Irons (NY), Michael Kerbow (CA), Lee Lee (NM), Maria Lux (IL), Laurel McMechan (MA), Melanie Mills (GA), Valerie Roybal (NM), david K. Thompson (CT), Jessie Van der Laan (TN), Susan Zimmerman (NM), and Basement Films (NM).

The exhibition is up through October 25th, so get over to see it before it comes down!  

Valerie Roybal's two collage pieces

Maria Lux, Champaign, IL
Celine Browning, Somerville, MA
Michael Kerbow,  San Francisco, CA

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  1. Just went and saw it today... Loved that piece by Maria Lux and the drawings by Ellie Irons and Celine Browning... and of course Valerie Roybal's collage work.


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