Friday, October 12, 2012

ISEA2012 Collaboration: Survival Tactics at SCA Contemporary

As part of ISEA2012, SCA Contemporary is presenting Survival Tactics, an exhibition that brings together a group of young emerging and established artists who attended the University of New Mexico's MFA studio art program. Featuring new media projects that explore interactivity, video, sound, processing and light, the works tangentially address ideas of survival through technological mediation of nature and culture.

Featured artists include: Chad Person, Min Kim Park, Mitchell Marti, Xuan Chen, Myriam Tapp, Conor Peterson, sheri crider, Teresa Buscemi and Molly Bradbury. 

You'll have to strategically plan your visit as the gallery is only open Thursday & Friday 12-5pm or by appointment. Exhibition is up through October 26th.

The house that Myriam Tapp built.

Not quite sure what was going on here, but Conor Peterson's Caliper was intriguing.

Untitled #24 by Xuen Chen
Untitled #4
Chad Person's inflatable whale. Stick around around three hours to see it inflate/deflate. 

Teresa Buscemi's Populous tremuloides. Video below in action. 

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