Wednesday, November 14, 2012

ISEA2012 Collaboration: Dust in the Machine at CCA

Center for Contemporary Arts (CCA) curator Erin Elder put together an nice exhibition in conjunction with ISEA2012. While the exhibition decidedly lacks some of the complex technological components that were common amongst the artists represented at the ISEA2012 main exhibition at 516 ARTS and the Albuquerque Museum of Art & History, Dust in the Machine examines a completely different approach to technology and its role in shaping our vision of the landscape.

Dust in the Machine is on view through November 25th.

San Francisco-based artist Adriane Colburn's impressive Just Below (sewer to bay) installation in the front portion of the Muñoz Waxman Gallery at CCA in Santa Fe. Her delicate, cut paper installation highlights the complexity of San Francisco's contemporary sewage lines as they relate to the historic, natural waterways.

Detail of the SUPER delicate layering of paper. 
I've always been a huge fan of Chris Ballantyne's (Brooklyn, NY) work. Seeing these in person is worth the visit alone!

Lot with Flags
Tangle. Really dig this one. Notice the bird's nest on top of the light pole.  
Jesse Vogler (Albuquerque)  An Agreement on Exclusions. 
Shirley Wagner (New York)
 Explosion with Tractor Traces
Bethany Delahunt's (Albuquerque) Watchtower. Climb at your own risk. 
Surveillance on the tower 

View from above
Video installation by Lisa K Blatt (San Francisco) 
Really nice combine from Jesse Vogler that features a chunk of paving from the Camino Real. Any guess as to its weight? Makes me wonder what it took to bring this into the gallery...
After the visit to Dust in the Machine, we had the opportunity to check out Tamara Wilson's Stitch Thought in the Spector Ripps Project Space. Definitely got the Invisible Man vibe going on. This one's up through December 9th. 



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