Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Workshop: Intro to Sign Painting

Local sign painter Curtis Mott presented a workshop on some of the basics of sign painting and hand lettering at OFFCenter Community Arts Project this past weekend. Check out a few images of the process after the jump! 

Mixing the paint for the proper viscosity–we used 1-Shot lettering enamel and thinned it with mineral spirits. The specially formulated Mack 189L #6 lettering quills are a universal tool in the sign painter's brush kit and a great all-around brush. 
Lettering practice. There are a variety of one stroke lettering charts available for practice in books and on the internet, but New Bohemia Signs offer a couple of casual and gothic alphabet prints that offer excellent practice. 
Some good looking lettering!
Practicing some of the basic strokes. Don't be fooled–it's A LOT harder than it looks. 
The class all practiced their layout skills and adapted the word "PITA" from a smaller advertisement. Here Curtis demonstrated how to pull straight lines to outline the letters. An old-school method, but once you know the secrets, you can paint anything. 


A couple of finished signs

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