Friday, June 4, 2010

Man, Machines & Metropolis

Featuring The Chuppers

When I went to staff the Metropolis/Chupper event, I figured it would be interesting. I've always enjoyed the combination of live music and silent film. I supposed I would enjoy the music more since my memories of Metropolis from seeing it on a small black and white TV screen were murky at best. Back then, at the age of 15, enamored by a naturalistic acting style that I was struggling to master myself, I was in no place to truly appreciate it.

Fast forward 34 years in a life of studying, performing and teaching physical theatre.

I loved Metropolis. Yeah, yeah, the Chuppers music was really cool and a wonderful accompaniment, but the imagery was what held me. The huge yet specific gestural language, the use of the gaze to direct intention, the cuts and montages... the music fell away and I was drawn in, fascinated. I felt once again a kind of sadness that we are so contained in our expressions.

There is room in this world for the passionate gesture. Fritz Lang knew what he was doing and now I know it too.

[Event took place Friday, April 30, 2010]
presented in collaboration by UNM ARTS Lab & 516 ARTS