Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Beautiful Night of Culture and the Opening of STREET TEXT

As the sun went down on Central, the STREET ARTS celebration kicked off this past Saturday night with about 900 people at the opening reception for Street Text: Art From the Coasts & The Populist Phenomenon.

Thanks to wicked tracks and breakdancing from DJ's Open Road and Shakedown, the lovely beat boxer Saywut?! and dancers Albert Rosales, Jaque Fragua and more, the opening brilliantly incorporated the culture and freedom of expression that the art displayed.

Ahead of the art scene in Los
Angeles - check out the commentary at KOB - 516 ARTS set the acceptance and existence of Albuquerque's street art in motion, and hopefully for a long time to come. The show will be up through December 11 and new long-term murals paint the streets and alleys of downtown Albuquerque. Download a map of these murals here and a sweet video of Chip Thomas and crew in action here.

For more, check out the evolving flickr sets of photos and media links below.


Outdoor Art Comes Inside: 516 takes it to the streets

by John Bear, The Weekly Alibi, 9/30/10

SeƱor Suerte: Talking with street artist Chaz Bojorquez

by Christie Chrisholm, The Weekly Alibi, 9//30/10

Taking it to the streets

by Heather Saxon, Local IQ, 10/1/10

Underground Counterculture Movement Invades Albuquerque

by Melody Mock, albuquerqueARTS, October 2010

Street Arts showcases global cultural movement

by Megan Kamerick, New Mexico Business Weekly, 9/17/10


Blog post about STREET ARTS at ArtSpark


KIVA Talk Radio

Interview with artist Chris Stain and curator Francesca Searer by Hakim Bellamy

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