Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Studio Visit & Interview: Margaret Fitzgerald

Until about three years ago, Margaret Fitzgerald painted her colorful abstractions in her laundry room, a pretty remarkable feat, considering the size of her work and the average size of most laundry rooms.

In 2009, Margaret and her husband Ed (who happens to be one of Albuquerque's premier architects), bought an old service station that had fallen into disrepair, and they gutted and renovated it into its current state. (Ed received the 2010 and 2011 AIA Albuquerque Merit Award and the Jeff Harnar Award for Contemporary Architecture - Honorable Mention for Margaret's studio design).

The transformation of the space has been impressive, not only as a result of Ed's architectural vision, but also from Margaret's equally ambitious painting regimen, greatly enhanced by her newfound artistic liberty (mainly the ability to work on several paintings at once). Be on the lookout for her paintings in the near future both in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

The entryway to her studio south of Nob Hill.

The west facing patio makes for nice afternoon sunlight

Winter gardening

The front part of the studio, BIG walls for BIG paintings

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Studio Visit: Rebekah Potter

Rebekah Potter is one motivated, crafty lady.
During a late evening stop by Rebekah's south valley studio, she introduced me to a few "works in progress" and gave us a little insight into her methods, inspiration and current projects. She works with a variety of media including painting, printing, textiles and photography with a couple of goals in mind, and as she puts it:
1) To delve into cartography of the human body, environmental landscape and alternative dimensions by way of textiles.
2) To visually communicate the connections between each of these landscapes and dimensions. Showing the history and interconnected similarities and differences, “threading” them together, in a series of visual “maps”. In doing so, it is hoped the viewer will be inspired to consider "connectivity."
I recently caught up with her and had the chance to ask her about her work:

"I guess I should probably clean up a little..."

You've lived in a lot of different places, most of them more well know for their artistic communities/art scene than Albuquerque. What made you decide to come to Albuquerque?
In 2009 I had the opportunity to visit ABQ for the Land Art Installation and at that time I felt immediately struck by the landscape, the vast open spaces and sky in particular (quite a contrast from NYC). There was something so neutral to me about ABQ that later when I knew I wanted to settle down and really get to work somewhere I choose ABQ because I felt I could make it what I needed it to be. What I felt I required was SPACE, inexpensive rent, inspiring natural landscape and blue sky. Not to mention the tradition of textiles in New Mexico was a draw. Additionally, my two creative brothers reside here and the thought of being around them was appealing.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Studio Visit: Esteban Bojorquez

The Real Deal.

Several weeks ago, Rhiannon and I had the great pleasure to visit one of our favorite New Mexican artists, the amazing Esteban Bojorquez. He recently moved to Santa Fe from California, where for decades he made a name for himself as a custom surfboard shaper, musician, filmmaker and installation artist. Esteban is one of those rare people who can successfully incorporate/distill their insanely diverse life experiences directly into their art while maintaining a completely unique and totally accessible aesthetic. He is an extremely prolific artist (there are about 100 unfinished pieces in his studio, which he works on simultaneously) and creates art with all media imaginable: assemblage, painting, sculpture, film, music and installation.

Esteban, Karen and their dog Mack at their home outside of Santa Fe.

Upon entering we immediately encountered the artist's influence! This was only a taste of the amazing environment in which Esteban and Karen dwell.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Mexico Showcase Opening Reception Photos

Thanks to everyone who braved the crowd to make the opening reception for New Mexico Showcase so successful! Over 800 people in attendance throughout the evening make for one crazy opening! Be sure and stop by to see the show if you couldn't make the opening, New Mexico Showcase will be on display through April 28th.

Vice President of the Board of Directors, David Vogel and 516 ARTS Executive Director Suzanne Sbarge present guest juror, Peter Frank during the artist/member preview. Close to 200 people came to hear him talk

Mr. Frank discussing tactics/approaches to selecting from over 1,000 artist submissions