Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Studio Visit: Esteban Bojorquez

The Real Deal.

Several weeks ago, Rhiannon and I had the great pleasure to visit one of our favorite New Mexican artists, the amazing Esteban Bojorquez. He recently moved to Santa Fe from California, where for decades he made a name for himself as a custom surfboard shaper, musician, filmmaker and installation artist. Esteban is one of those rare people who can successfully incorporate/distill their insanely diverse life experiences directly into their art while maintaining a completely unique and totally accessible aesthetic. He is an extremely prolific artist (there are about 100 unfinished pieces in his studio, which he works on simultaneously) and creates art with all media imaginable: assemblage, painting, sculpture, film, music and installation.

Esteban, Karen and their dog Mack at their home outside of Santa Fe.

Upon entering we immediately encountered the artist's influence! This was only a taste of the amazing environment in which Esteban and Karen dwell.

Esteban talking about his painting, Speed Kills, inspired by low rider culture.

Portrait of Salvador Dali in Santa Fe

Art walk to the kitchen through a hallway full of great work.

Super 8 camera collection (which he still uses)

Just one of many surf board shrines on display throughout the house.

Custom shaped/painted surf board.

Cat constructed from a found vintage car hood, impossible for him to leave behind.

The studio that Esteban built.

Studio/man cave entrance. Great little sign

Hand painted ukulele.

Esteban in front of just a few custom made, hand built/modified guitars in his recording studio.

Pointing to one of his hand-made bass guitars. He made it from furniture or table legs if I remember correctly.

More guitars/surf boards.

Mr. Bends! Glad to see he made it home safely after hanging out with us at 516 ARTS!

Master surf board-shaper discusses fluid dynamics with one of his custom-made mini boards.

License plates

The organized chaos. Fish, eyeballs, nuts, bolts...you name it. Esteban knows EXACTLY where they are in his studio. You can't let good inspiration go to waste!

More shelves/storage for odds and ends leading to the work room.

A few ships he was working on made entirely out of found objects. The detail and foresight he has for specific pieces is insane! (as in, insanely awesome!)

Nice gun barge! The water is made of bullet casings, check out the mines!

This one is half a wheelbarrow, an ashtray from a '62 Volvo, and a hacksaw among other unsuspecting objects

Thanks to Esteban and Karen for allowing us the privilege to visit their home and studio!

His awesome piece A Trip to Davy Jones' Locker (below) is on display in New Mexico Showcase.

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  1. I'm pissed I didnt make the time to visit the studio during the Superhero show. It looks spectacular! He's an incredible artist.


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