Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ISEA2012 Residency Artists: Rainosek Gallery, UNM School of Architecture & Planning

The Rainosek Gallery in the UNM Architecture & Planning building is presenting a portion of the ISEA2012 main exhibition that features artwork, plans and documentation by ISEA2012 residency artists from around the country and world who were hosted by partner organizations in the region.

Participating artists include: Jason Baerg, Natalie Carlton, Mark Goldman, Scott Moore, Siena Sanderson, Todd Ingalls, Nova Jiang, James O'Shea, Waheguru Khalsa, Mick Lorusso, Teri Rueb, Larry Phan, Carmelita Topaha, Francesca Samsel, Michael Schippling, Jessica Segal, Nina Waisman, Ruth West, William Wilson, Markina Zurkow, Christie Leece, Blue Wade, Kura Puke, Matahiapo, Paul Vanouse and Joan Linder.

Michael Schippling's Engine of Desire.  
Schippling's work with Axle ContemporaryWe Are Experiencing Some Turbulence. Check out some of Axle Contemporary's photos from the Block Party where the mobile gallery was parked to see the complete installation. 
Mick Lorusso's installation that he built during his PLAND residency in Tres Piedras. 

Paper made using the bike mixer.
(Left) Nova Jiang & Jamie O'Shea worked with Earthbound Moon; (right) Waheguru Khalsa at the Harwood Art Center; Blue Wade, Kura Puke & Matahiapo partnered with Intel Corporation and Rio Ranch High School.    
Marina Zurkow participated in the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance residency in Silver  City. Her work is addresses the Mexican Grey Wolf reintroduction program.  

The ISEA2012 residency exhibition is on display through October 26th. 

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