Friday, May 24, 2013

Nomadik Harvest in New Mexico

By Amy White

When Nicole Dextras brought her Nomadik Harvest dress to be exhibited in Albuquerque, she faced the challenge of finding edible wild plants in an environment completely new to her. I had the exciting opportunity to be her guide in identifying and obtaining specimens to fill the many colorful pockets of the dress. We spent a marvelous afternoon meandering around Albuquerque snipping bits of this and that, visited Bookworks to buy a field guide, and perused the native plant garden at Plants of the Southwest.

Some people have a great memory for names or numbers, or like Nicole, for images and colors; I am a plant person. I just seem to have a built-in ability to remember names and details about all kinds of plants. Everywhere I go, I'm continually noticing edible wild plants growing along the roadside, along trails, or in neglected corners of the city.